“What kinds of pigeons are they?” asked Badger rather indifferently, just trying to seem interested, which he was not. “Carrier Pigeons,” said Mouse.
“Oh!” exclaimed Badger, “Carrying what?”
“Stop watches.” Replied Mouse.
“Hmm,” said Badger to himself, “For stopping what?”
“For stopping time,” said Mouse.

(From: Concept of Time)

Badger and Mouse - A Collection of Surprising Conversations

   Writing by Steve Herbert

   Illustrations by Ursula Ziegler

Ursula Ziegler received her MFA from the School of the Fine Arts Boston and Tufts University (2009), and her BFA at Glasgow School of Art, Scotland (2004).

Ursula is an interdisciplinary artist working in drawing, illustration, sculpture, installation, performance, public art.

Ursula works from her studio in Brooklin, Maine.